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"Hassle 1.2" Finally Materializes

You thought "Hassle" was dead, I bet. Perhaps it was, for a while. Now, however the so-called Series is appropriately back FROM the dead, and we're finally embarking on a set of episodes that I hope to deliver to you at least once a month, as opposed to every seven months. To kick things off, why not bask in the glory of Episode 2:

And when you're done, hark the pretty pictures.

Stupidity In Pictures

I find that when children are born, parents do this tiresome thing where they immediately snap a million photos of them, and then place them somewhere conspicuous, such as Everywhere. This is a hackneyed practice that embittered, child-less robots such as myself deplore moreso than sing-alongs and mutual respect and friendship among peers.

Except when it applies to metaphorical babies. With this in mind, please spend an adoring half-hour with a newly posted batch of Set Photos from Hassle 1.1.

Heretofore, they will also be accessible on that episode's Homepage. Wook ad de pwitty vampire.

"Hassle" Debuts and So Do We

Well, we've finally gotten our act together and launched the slightly buggy, largely derivative Yaksite! To kick off the movie-making festivites, please find enclosed the PILOT of our rollicking online series "Hassle".

Either follow the link to the episode's homepage on the right, navigate an elaborate maze to it through the Films section, or just watch it here and now:

Welcome to the home of Black Yak Productions. Try not to break anything.

Fake Message From Gord

Hello! I have decided to finally forego my manservant and speak to you directly. My name is Gord Myren. You will find in me the finest actor of the lot...the most beautifully trained. And I will commit myself to delivering you the finest videos on the internet or by god I will attempt to do so.

I consider myself a young James Earl Jones and my deep voice will permeate the ages to entertain you, my adoring fans. Good Day, Mr. Kubrick!

Hassle 1.2
1.2 Set Photos

Hassle 1.1
Set Photos

Hassle 1.1