Black Yak Productions

Our Rubber Benefactors

Rest your weary bones, traveller, on the gleaming marble steps of our cinematic altar.

Assembled from used car parts and broken dreams in 2006 by Gord Myren and Andrey Summers, Black Yak Productions is a pile of expensive film equipment whose uses remain for the most part alien to us.

Despite this, however, we are paradoxically committed to bringing you highly enjoyable, well-written, well-produced cinema. Whether it be in short, long, serialized, or stand-alone form, our films are absolutely GUARANTEED to take up both band-width and hard-drive space.

Currently, the Yaksite is hosted by The Rubber Chicken, a "humor" webspace whose podcast Gord and Andrey both regularly contribute to.

In summary, click on Films and watch what we have to offer, click on In Production, and see what we claim to be working on, or shove off to TRC and have a puzzled look at what Australians consider to be humorous these days.

Thanks for watching!*

Spam Gord
Spam Andrey

*Thanks apply only to the watching of Black Yak films, or films affiliated with Black Yak Productions.