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Hassle is a 20-episode series of 5-10 minute short films chronicling the post-mortem travails of Arthur Smith, who woke up one morning in his coffin.

Every episode of this "realistic" look at Vampires explores some new mundanity Arthur must contend with as he settles into his unlife.

Meanwhile, the motives of the vampire who turned Arthur, and the government organization he was asked to register with at the time of his undeath are revealed, alerting the wary viewer to the fact that "all" is not as it "seems". Eh? EH?

Current Hassle Episodes in Production:

1.3 - "Dreamcoat"
1.4 - "Deep Breaths"

Hassle Production Blog Coming Soon!

Title: Hassle Series

Directed by:
Gord Myren
Written by:
Andrey Summers

Main Cast:
Andrey Summers
James Simpson
Fiona Revill
Nick Fontaine
Gord Myren

First Aired:
April 11, 2007